Mendoza and Aconcagua Holidays in Argentina


The city of Mendoza is located at the foot of Andean Mountains, where is the highest summit of America, the Aconcagua, with more than 6900 meters of height. This mount is one of the main attractions of the zone for climbers from the entire world.

When Mendoza was discovered, the colonizers where surprised by the artificial channels created by the natives of the zone, who found out the way to improve the use of water in a very dry land. So Mendoza is an oasis city, with the same channels using the waters of Mendoza River, running across the streets and watering hundred of trees, also planted to avoid the water’s evaporation.

For this reason, there was created one of the symbols of this beautiful city, the San Martín General Park, with species brought from different places of the world. The trees have given their names to many streets and avenues at Mendoza, like Los Plátanos and Las Palmeras. Inside the town there are signalized Pedestrian Circuits, so the visitors can walk through them and discover the wonderful gardens, parks and squares.

Mendoza also has a great architecture and decorative elements brought from Europe, like the large doors from England and reproductions of the little horses of Champs Elysees in France. There is also a monument in honor of the Andean Army at the top of La Gloria hill, which has the best panoramic view of the city. In its slopes, there is a Zoo.

The city has a little downtown, full of beautiful coffee shops under the trees, where you can enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of the zone, with its sweets specialties. There are also artisan fairs and markets, to enjoy with local fruits, vegetables and meats of the best quality. Some of them are Central Market, Palmares Sidewalk, Godoy Cruz and Guaymallén fairs.

This city is close to Los Penitentes Ski Resort, where the visitors can enjoy of the ski and snowboard with the best quality of snow and different degrees of difficulty in its 17 slopes.

At the surroundings of the city, there are great valleys and wine caves. San Rafael is the most famous producer of wines in the zone, with drinks of excellent quality, cultivated in the perfect dry climate for them. There are many excursions to discover these wonderful places and enjoy tasting a sample of the most exquisites’ wines of the zone.

Close to San Rafael there is also Las Leñas Ski Resort, another ski center with excellent slopes and all the amenities the visitors need to enjoy the best snow for winter sports, with the beautiful sunny weather of Mendoza.

In Grande Valley there is Altue River and Altue Canyon. Here the visitors can enjoy of rafting and other nautical activities, such as swimming, windsurf, fishing and navigation.